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About us

The first private funeral service in Bratislava, founded in 1990. From the beginning of our operation, we wanted to bring new services and quality to this market. For this reason, we offered new and enhanced services that our competitors were only able to meet after some time. Our vehicles have always been equipped with radios and we were the first to use special vehicles made in Austria.

We were the first funeral service to provide funeral notices while you wait. We have modernized the creation of funeral wreaths and bouquets and thanks to our arrangers, they are far superior to other wreaths. Our cooperation with insurance companies, consulates, hospitals and the Police Department of the Slovak Republic is built on mutual trust. We were the first to ease the burden of families by expediting the otherwise difficult procedure of obtaining documents necessary for the transfer of the deceased to or from a foreign country. Our funeral services have always been on a higher level than those of our competitors, and our prices remain the lowest. In 2009, we built the first funeral home in Slovakia and Central Europe. We are the first funeral service where you can arrange everything in one place. Taking over of the deceased transported in special funeral vehicles, storage of the deceased in the most modern refrigeration boxes, preparation of the deceased on specially built premises up to the funeral ceremony which will take place on our premises, so we can offer the best prices. We arrange funeral ceremonies on the premises of our ceremonial hall which is available 24 hours a day. We offer the best services and guarantee the lowest prices.
Pieta pohrebná služba, s. r. o.

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